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English courses


We simulate real situations to interact with the English language using:

  • Teaching techniques
  • Educational material
  • Support tools

We work with you to develop 4 skills:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening
  • Written expression
  • Oral expression


To achieve our objective, we have selected a team of trained teachers with experience, including native speakers for advance levels:

  • They are professionals in teaching English
  • We prepare our classes with a clear objective
  • Always with a great attitude, punctuality and efficiency


The classes are designed to integrate the language needs according to our student's profile:

  • Our class will give them the tools to achieve their objectives
  • They will be able to face and work in an environment where English is the main language


Currently our corporate courses are based on the Market Leader and Top Notch material from the Pearson Longman Publishing House.
(This material has proven to be efficient and offers a wide option of extra teaching material)


Our corporate program includes 6 levels, which are divided as the following:

  • A1 Pre-Básico
  • B1
  • Independiente
  • C1 Competente
  • A2 Pre-Básico
  • B2
  • Independiente
  • C2 Competente

*Each course lasts approximately 60 hours.

Placement test

Placement test

This test is applied to every student that wants to join a group, or to create and integrate new groups in a company. (We suggest a letter of commitment signed by the student).

Monthly evaluation

Every month the Teacher will evaluate the grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and listening comprehension skills of each student to analyze the progress.

Partial and final evaluation

The partial and final evaluations are made by a coordinator in the middle and at the end of the course.

Teachers evaluation

The students will evaluate their teachers

  • Control
  • Supervision
  • Command of the language
  • Course planning
  • Strategies, methodology and techniques
  • Motivation
  • Course managing


We are not a company that certificates students directly, but we do prepare you for:

  • Cambridge first certificate

Private courses

Private English classes.
We are a specialized company that offers an efficient teaching service that adjusts to our clients' needs at a reasonable price.

If you need to learn English and you don't have time for school or group classes we adjust to your needs. We create a course according to your schedule, level and personal or work needs. We can go to your office, we can meet at a coffee shop, go to your house or any of our meeting points.

Are you travelling and don't speak English? We prepare you to face the most important situations according to the time you have.

We prepare you for interviews, exchange programs, speeches, conferences and other activities where English is your only weakness.

We take advantage of the new technology, which gives us the opportunity to teach and practice using FaceTime, Skype or any App that allows us to communicate and have a special class without moving from your desk or couch.

Corporate program

Private English classes to executives and corporations


We offer a wide experience in our translation service. We adapt to deadlines holding on to quality, cultural bonding, precision and loyalty to the original document. For urgent requests, we work around the clock and deliver on time, because we know that the need for translations can be unpredictable and are required at the last minute.

Immediate contact: here.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous and consecutive

Equipment available

Work with us

“Join our team.”

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* Demonstrable experience required in English language or teaching.


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